May 25, 2018
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child dressed a nurse to see what's wrong

What’s Wrong With You?

Please allow me to introduce myself... My name is Jenni Williams and I’m 43 years old. I’m short sighted, -4.75 in the left eye and -5.00 in the right. I had my...
staying in man with packed bags

Beginners Guide – Packing for a hospital holiday

  Staying in hospital I'm a well seasoned hospital stayin-er. My daughter has had numerous operations, inpatient stays, investigations. We are the family that rocks up, fully prepared, know all of the staff,...
image representing epilepsy with a lightening strike in the head

‘Revelation’ Poem by Jenni Williams 

Severely disabled Epilepsy Global development delay Special educational needs   My daughter has many names Monkey, Pickle, The Tiny Tornado I like the ones that speak of her spirit, her energy, her love of life Names that shatter stereotypes Not...