May 25, 2018
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Energy is like a phone battery that never charges for M.E suffers

Roller Coaster Journey by Sharon Tiday

 Early days  "The smallest things in life matters the most." Those words are never more true when you're plodding along happily like every other parent does. Usual routine, play days, activities with friends...
Christie and Elise understanding

The Strength To Face The World Again – by Christie Hermiston

When you know, you know I was out shopping yesterday (battling the snow and wind because I’m mad!) as usual Elise was getting a few stares but I was ok so it...
Christie and Elise

Thrown into a world of Cerbral Palsy- by Christie Hermiston

Elise Smashed It I'm Pregnant! Finding out I was pregnant was a little bit of a shock, all these questions were racing through my mind, how on earth could I look after a...