image representing epilepsy with a lightening strike in the head
Severely disabled
Global development delay
Special educational needs


My daughter has many names

Monkey, Pickle, The Tiny Tornado

I like the ones that speak of her spirit, her energy, her love of life
Names that shatter stereotypes

Not for her the sad piano music, conjuring pain

Like needles in the heart
Her soundtrack is a loud and joyful orchestra
With mischievous melodies and the hammer of drums
A wild and wonderful wall of sound

I was blind before

But now I see
She gifted me with fear
I chose light

Of all her names

One shines above the rest
The name I gave her


The original

The rebel

The reason


Eve is paradise

bird of paradise flower - revelation

With thanks to Dan White, ‘Amazing Grace’ and ‘I Am Eve (I Am The Reason)’ by Harpeth Rising.
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Jenni Williams

Jenni Williams likes dogs, craft beer, Radio 4 and nice people. She would like to be a non-struggling writer one day. Her dream car is a blue pick up truck.

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