Holidays & Days Out With a Wheelchair

wheelchair on the beach, with a dog sat in it, and a beach towel on the back of the chair. Two bright yellow crutches sticking out the side of the chair

Trying to book a holiday or day out if there is a wheelchair user in your family can be difficult.

Some places say that they are accessible, but fail to mention the step, or the tiny bedroom or shingle in the driveway.

Rollin’ With Mama has a selection of recommended holidays and days out, which have been tried and tested by our Rollin’ With Mama members on Facebook.

See these holidays & days out

Tudor Lodges Cornwall

Spanish Villa Orihuella Costa Blanca

Eureka Museum




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I'm Aimee, and this is my daughter Emily. Emily has spina bifida. I have always found talking to other parents or people with disabilities reassuring. The disabled community is the best community to be part of. I created Rollin' With Mama so we could all share experiences.