May 25, 2018

Guest Bloggers

A lot of the people whose blogs have been published with Rollin With Mama, have said that not only have they enjoyed writing, but it has also helped them to open up about the feelings that they have been keeping inside.

It doesn’t matter whether or not you have blogged before.

I can guide you through it.

If you have something to say about disability, that will be interesting to parents and carers raising children, then please email me.

Tell me briefly:

  • what you would like to write about


  • what is your interest in disability


  • any websites or facebook pages that you have which you would like to link into your blog


  • a little bit about yourself

(do not send me your completed blog)

I will get back to you, and let you know whether or not you are successful in your request. I will send you a link of where to send your blog.  Original content only.