June 19, 2018



As parents, having a child with disability means, that we are always fighting. Fighting for inclusion, for education, for equipment, for access.

It's no wonder that so many of us, take to campaigning. I have met so many wonderful parents and family members who are fighting to get justice for their child's quality of life. All to often we find that it's society that disables them by putting obstacles in their way.

Here is a perfect place to put all of our collective campaigns together, and where we can group up with other people who are campaigning for something close to our own heart.

Contact me with all of your campaign details, and I can put them all here for sharing.

Changing Places

Truly accessible toilets with adult change beds, hoists, room for 2 carers and curtain for dignity. #NoMoreToiletFloors


Truly accessible playgrounds where ALL children can play side by side