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Who Are We? – Poem by Dan White

We are the proudest, the promises made
We are the frustrated, the workers unpaid

We are the listener, we are the voices
We are the nurses, makers of hard choices

We are qualified, with love unconditional
We have tolerance, loving all needs additional

We tend the forgotten, receive the gifts gladly
We war with intolerance, view the ignorant sadly

We are the loyal , we are the marooned
We take on the machine, we heal the wound

We are the tireless, we are the swarm
We are the power , the oncoming storm

We are the protectors, the guiding light
We are the warriors, the crusading knight

We are forgivers, life navigators
We are the template, the patient translators

We are the protectors, the keepers of beauty
custodians of mighty, the watchmen on duty

We are misunderstood, we are the strange
We live in a world we would never change.

We are the boxer ready to fight
We are the community that forever unite

We are behind doors, we are the hidden
We are welcome, but we are forbidden

© dan white 2018

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