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the problem with tampons

The Problem With Tampons

Tampons are comfortable, discreet, and great for active lifestyles. This is why they are the most commonly used menstrual hygiene product in the US. However, the tampon hasn’t been significantly redesigned since it was invented by Dr. Earl Haas in 1931. It’s been too long since we questioned how tampons should work. Conversations with hundreds of women have revealed the truth—tampons can be tricky and daunting to learn how to use. They can also be messy and difficult to grip while inserting.

Tina Tampons Healthcare

There are millions of women with disabilities, chronic pain and illnesses, and mental limitations who would like to but aren’t able to use tampons. There are tens of millions of girls transitioning through puberty and learning to use tampons. Further, 70% of the US’s menstruating population currently using tampons could benefit from a cleaner and more convenient process.

Founded by three Georgia Tech engineering students, TINA Healthcare is a femtech company that is challenging the 80-year-old tampon norm. Our pilot product TINA, the Tampon Insertion Aid, is a reusable daily living device that clips on to off-the-shelf tampon applicators and makes them easier to insert. With TINA, tampons can be inserted with one hand at a consistent and comfortable depth, keeping your hand totally clean and taking the fear and difficulty out of the process.

Feminine hygiene should be accessible, comfortable, and affordable for everyone. TINA Healthcare’s goal is to design feminine products for women across the entire spectrum of physical and mental abilities. All women deserve independence and dignity when it comes to their menstrual cycle.

We are excited to announce that we are now accepting pre-orders for beta testing on our website!
Sign up now at www.tinahealthcare.com


Written for Rollin’ With Mama by Ali Kight of Tina Healthcare

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Ali is also looking to talk to mothers of girls about how their product can be specifically beneficial to them. Please contact her at amkight3@gmail.com