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Happy New Year…What do do with the old wheelchairs?


The old wheelchair’s graveyard.

Happy New Year everyone. Now that we have said goodbye to Christmas, and packed all our decorations away. I’m in need of a sort out. But where do I start? With the old wheelchairs….

Meet my friends….

What do I do with the 3 old wheelchairs, which we bought ourselves, or friends and family helped pay for, that are knocking about in my shed? Each of them are my friends and each hold special memories.

Wheelchair number one…the orange one. Emily’s very first wheelchair when she was 2 and a half. It has so many memories attached to it. The first time she could ever moved on her own. Also it was first time she discovered that she could reach the toilet roll and unravel it around the house.

Surely I cant part with it? But if I did, what would I do with it? It’s all set up for Emily’s posture and size. Surely it wouldn’t be good for another child?

Then there is wheelchair number 2….the yellow one, and finally there is wheelchair number 3…the blue one. But wheelchair number 3 is a bit special, as whenever her walking friends come to visit, they love sitting in the chair, pushing themselves around and pretending that they have a disability. Emily loves this role play, as her friends are usually playing the part of her adopted sister.

But what do we do with all this equipment? Our house is small, even smaller with 4 wheelchairs (including her current number 4, the pink one).

Does anyone else have equipment that they have bought themselves, hanging around the house. Are you emotionally attached to it? Can you bear yourselves to part with it? Can it be sold to pay for another piece of equipment that she may need? Do you donate it? Or turn it into some kind of garden feature? I can just imagine a water fountain spraying out of the middle of it.

Please let me know that I am not alone and completely mad.



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