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monsters by sharon tiday


a lineChildren who are growing up
with any needs, physical or
invisible. Don’t have to fear
monsters invading their dreams.

The monsters they have to face
don’t just haunt their dreams,
they haunt their existence.


blue monsters
Drawn by Shannon Tiday


These monsters teach them
a damaging lesson in self
From the minute they start the
path into education, they feel
excluded compared to the pupil
next to them without needs.

They realise very quickly their
is so many obstacles stopping
their progress and limiting
their ambitions to reach for
the stars, as they need to be
just grateful to get access
through a door.

They watch with heavy hearts
as their loving parents battle
to justify their daily needs.
The message becomes clear
very quickly to their young
Don’t expect to be part of
society but watch it from
a distance.

These children become
resilient despite all that they
go through and battle on like
soldiers never admitting defeat
as the monster continues to
invade their lives.


friendy monster with wings, medallion and smiling
Drawn by Stacey Tiday


They won’t dance to society
tune, they create a marching
While their music plays loud and
proud, they get classed as
trouble makers brought up
by failing parents.

As years of neglect and
accusations from the monsters
take their toll.
They plead for help and support
to find a way forward, but the
only direction they get given
Is to be locked away out of
societies eyes and left to face
the abuse alone.

When adulthood beckons they
again find they have to fight to
prove their needs as their human rights get stripped away in the
shape of a form full of judgement.

These monsters don’t have sharp
teeth or crushing claws but don’t
let that fool you, as they have venomous tongues and are more
destructive and leave devastation
wherever they go.

They wear suits to make
themselves feel important,
and you to remember your

They have advanced from
hiding under a bed and now
can be found hunched together
In Parliament plotting their evil


skull monster in a smart suit with a blue tie. he has red eyes and horns
Drawn by Jack Tiday


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