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legoland in a wheelchair feat. changing places

Legoland In A Wheelchair – Feat. Changing Places Toilet


Wheeling Around Legoland

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It’s difficult choosing a day trip when taking my daughter with her wheelchair. Worrying about whether it’s going to be accessible, will we be easily able to take her to the toilet. We took her to Legoland last year. Before we went we looked on their website for so we knew what to expect and that there wouldn’t be any unexpected surprises.

Accessibility Guide

Guests With Disabilities Accessibility Guide – Click Here

There is an Accessibility Guide. It tells you where the disabled parking is, which rides are wheelchair accessible and where the accessible entrance is.

If you have a wheelchair, you will need to get a Wheelchair pass, so that you don’t have to queue at the entrance. You will need to take with you a smart device to be able to access this pass. This guide also tells you if the rides are suitable for people with disabilities.

Ride Access Pass and Free Helper/Carer Ticket

A Ride Access Pass – Click Here

This pass is available if you one of your party finds it difficult to queue. However, you will need proof of this. You will need either a letter from your GP dated in the last 12 months, or DWP, PIP or DLA letter.  We got a Ride Access Pass as Emily needs toileting every three hours, and it makes queuing for a long time difficult. Some people get a pass because they are autistic and queuing can be very stressful.  As long as you take proof with you, it’s not a problem.

You will also be able to get a helper pass, which means if you need a helper, they can come to Legoland free of charge. Again, you will need a smart device to access the Ride Access Pass.


Changing Places Toilet

I have just received word today that Legoland now have a Changing Places toilet, located in Heartlake City. So no longer do we have to lay our daughter on the toilet floor to do her catheter. It comes equipped with an adult size change bed, hoists, and adjustable hand basin. I am looking forward to trying this out! I can’t believe that I get so excited about a toilet!


The day itself

We got to Legoland and everything had gone to plan as we had phoned ahead. We knew what rides Emily could go on. Some of the rides, Emily could stay in her wheelchair, including Lego® Reef and the Hill Train. Others, we lifted her as she was still small enough to do so, as Emily is unable to stand. The Hill Train was perfect, as it was a good way of exploring the park without getting exhausted. The staff on all the rides were so helpful and slowed the attractions down for us so that we could get on them. They also had a safe place for us to put Emily’s wheelchair when we couldn’t take it on the ride.

changing places at legoland. see advert below



Emily has always enjoyed talking to all the Lego characters around the park, which is a nice change as she is scared stiff of dummies/statues that look like real people. As the people are so obviously made from Lego bricks, she really enjoys going up to them for a good old natter.

The water cannon is brilliant. You shoot at the people on the water ride. Emily wasn’t allowed on this ride, which she really didn’t want to go on anyway. She had more fun just shooting everyone with water.

She got to drive the boat around the river. As very relaxing so paced ride. Unfortunately, we did have to lift her.

There is a huge Starwars section. It is easy to negate with a wheelchair, and the models were also at her eye level, so we didn’t need to lift her to see.


The park was easy to get around, when there were hills, we took the Hill Train. It was definitely worth the money that we paid to get in, especially as a carer went in free. Having the Access passes were perfect, so we would take our time around the park and not have to dash and spend 45 minutes in the queue. Her friends like coming with us, as they don’t have to join the queue either, as they are part of the party. As long as Emily is actually going on the ride, they can join her.

We have been several times as a family, and we intend to go plenty more. It’s a brilliant day out.




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