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It’s Bedtime……Eventually!


A Good Bedtime Routine

In the mother and baby books, they tell you that a good bedtime routine should be:

  • bath, using relaxing lavender foam bath
  • brush teeth
  • put on p.j’s
  • play a quite game
  • have a chat
  • read a bedtime story
  • sing a song
  • say goodnight

But where in all of this time do you have time to:

  • have a suppository and spend time sitting on the toilet
  • hoisting
  • leg stretches
  • putting on splints
  • medication
  • wedging into sleep system,
  • attaching Bipap ventilator machine and connecting the face mask,
  • putting the wedges into the sleep system,
  • wrapping up her feet with a blanket, as it seems to be the only thing that gets her to sleep.
  • Putting on a weighted blanket for sensory issues.

Then it is your time to relax, and have adult time…..But Wait! An hour has gone by before realising they haven’t fallen asleep because one of these items has been put in the wrong position and it’s keeping them awake.

Hang on….all this is assuming that anyone will get any sleep tonight. Being up all night comforting, checking, caring for your child. (See Mary Cole’s blog Sleep.)

How’s about a date night?

The stress of having a night out, and having to explain all of this to the baby sitter, who thinks that you are just a paranoid parent going over the top.

We are told to make sure our children brush their teeth twice a day. Once a day is hard enough without a tantrum, I would like to be able to achieve that first.

They are everywhere…the “perfect family” advertising Johnson’s baby care range.

At times I just want to scream at the telly and shout “It’s not true….None of it!!”

Friends around us worrying that they haven’t got enough lavender bath foam for little Jonnie’s bath tonight, or that they haven’t had their 5 portions of fruit and veg in a day.

It’s not real life

When are people going to get real, and see what life is really about?



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