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International Women’s Day – by Dan White


Love & Marmite

They say there is no love like a mothers love and in this close, glorious community in which we dwell ladies most definitely rock! Always giving, always fighting, picking more fights with local Government and health services than a plethora of rocky films and spreading love like gorgeous thick gloopy marmite.

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is this Sunday, but today is also International Women’s Day! and it seems to have poetically fallen right in the middle of a social maelstrom. Recently across the world, sadly familiar stories are emerging of the plight of women across multi industries and careers, and caring and supporting is one of the toughest, yet most rewarding careers of all.

Mums who care are often at the bottom of the ladder, struggling to keep all plates spinning whilst wondering how to spend the paltry carers allowance paid to them every week. Rising early, often after not sleeping at all. Putting on a face wreathed in smiles for their child, even though eating a jar of raw coffee would cast aside the aches and the sometimes turmoil inside. Care is a often a 24 hour job, one that pays poorly in finance but richly in love and 24 hour compassion.


The further into this web of care and selflessness I wander, the more majesty and jaw dropping moments I witness, there really is no other community like the disabled community. Stories of mums supporting each other even though they are further apart than Brexiteers and Remainers, groups forming, the pride of posting stories and images on social media of children celebrating birthdays or just celebrating being a proud mum, it all never fails to instil a feeling of pride within me.

Celebrate Women’s Day

Our household, here, would be vastly different if myself and Emily were without mum. For years that hitherto, spooky physic ability that all mums seem to have when something is amiss has literally saved our family, and we see virtually all mums operate on a hive mind basis, knowing when something is to be done and actioning that something immediately. Don’t get me wrong guys, I am not casting asunder on our gender here, just marvelling and celebrating the women, be they parent, single parent, grandparent, step-parent, whatever who rise and just get on with it, while we look on in awe and pride.It strikes me that that this year, Mother’s day and International Women’s Day should be focusing on the mums of disabled children, I know the canvas is broad, but let’s just shrink the lens and champion and be thankful for what these incredible ladies do, not just for our children, but for us also.


So world, watch and learn, want to know how love, determination and pride work? Remove your Brexit and reality star idiot glasses and look around you. Be grateful, be humble, be kind, be supportive. Now more than ever in this world when a minority of sleazy halfwit men in power are exposed as  the walking oil slicks that they are, when government and media are actioning a terrible recourse on families across the country. When carers, especially women who work 24/7 sometimes unpaid and forgotten, isn’t it about time that equality, credit, care and attitude is not only brought up to date, but maintained, so we can all be united, equal and share the care?International Women's Day