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how to write a blog for Rollin With Mama


I am so lucky to have lots of guest writers who write blog posts for Rollin’ With Mama.

Some bloggers have blogged many times before, some have never blogged before and are just dipping their toes in the water.

All of my bloggers know about disability, some are disabled themselves, some have children who are disabled, some are professionals working with families with disabled children.

All of my bloggers have an experience that they want to share.

Some bloggers find it therapeutic talking about things that they have kept bottled inside,

or haven’t yet found closure for.


Don't Panic

Writing a blog

The blogs don’t need to be really well written,

they just need to be told from the heart. I can help with

spelling and proof reading. So please don’t be put off by any of that.


Tell us who you are

If you have a website or social media page

that you want people to follow. Write it at the bottom

of your blog post, so people can share it.

If you would rather be incognito, then that’s fine too.


Images & Photosphotograph

Photo’s and images are great to have in your blog posts,

as long as you have permission to use them.

I have added protection to the website to stop people cutting and pasting our content.

For more piece of mind, you may want to add labels, stickers or watermarks to your pictures.

 Canva is a good website which allows you to be creative with your images.

Free images can be found at Canva and Pixabay

But if you can’t be bothered, don’t have time, or just not confident,

I can add images to your blog for you.

Number Of Words

A great number of words is 500.

If your blog has more or less, don’t worry.


An exciting title will entice the readers to read your blog.

Think of something that would make

people click. If you get stuck, I will help with that.


Paragraphs should not be too long.

They should also be broken down with subheadings.

This will keep the reader interested.

This page is a good example of using short paragraphs.


Blogs need either original content, or content that you

have written for someone else, as long as they are happy for us to use it.

Put a link to that website on the blog post for example

‘This post was orginally written for ……. (website address)’


It’s a good idea to link other websites into your blogs.

It helps explain what you are saying.

Write all of your links at the bottom of your blog,

and I will arrange it so that users can click on your links.


Are you stuck? Let me know


special offer

Your blog can’t be used for affiliate links , advertising or raising money

unless you have permission from

Rollin’ With Mama first.


Once your post has gone live on the website….share your heart out!

Ready To Blog

If you have already been approved by

Rollin’ With Mama to write a blog post, email


If you haven’t yet applied to blog, then please complete this form,

and I will get back to you.

Regards Aimee