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 Sharon Tiday set up CFDA

Campaign For Disability Awareness lessons in schools. It is vital to this campaign that parents family and friends of children with disabilities can stand together and work toward making a safer future for our most vulnerable. A future where they won’t be judged for their quirky movements and obsessive nature, people need to be educated to understand there is so much more to these children than what they see on the outside.

As well as working in the education and media field CFDA created an Intereactive Disability Awareness stall that gives the public a chance to complete challenges while using disability aids to complete cognitive and physical activities. The stall has been very successful at getting the disability awareness message across further for invisible and physical disabilities and also illnesses. They manage to do some workshops with a variety of people ranging from Plymouth Argyle Football Club, Plymouth Police, Dartmoor Zoo etc.

Sharon also runs a facebook page which raises funds for the awareness lesson. On top of all this, Sharon has set up Listen To M.E. Details to follow soon.

But for now look at these links, and read her blogs.

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